Troy's Toys During Covid-19 Pandemic

Troy's Toys During Covid-19 Pandemic

The number one question I have received, is Troy's Toys okay.  Personally Covid-19 has not affected me health wise. To all my customers that it has affected, please know you are in my thoughts and prayers. Troy's Toys has adapted to Covid-19 and the storefront is still open during normal business hours applying the mask mandate Monday through Saturday from 11am to 6pm along with our 24/7 E-commerce. The website has been a Godsend during this pandemic!

The great news, my e-commerce sales have increased! The collectible die-cast hobby is very strong.  This has caused delays in shipping. As you may have heard in the media that most shipping channels have been stressed as well; two article links below. This problem has not been taken lightly and I continue to think of ways to improve this issue to provide my customers top quality service in a timely matter.   

Troy's Toys has been a one man show before Covid-19. I was the one you see in the store, I would be the one you faced for all trade shows, I personally packed all orders received from the website, and the one you spoke to when you called the store. The downtime we all had faced had given me time to reflect it's time to grow. So I have hired a part-time shipper and a marketing manager that is also focusing on business efficiency.  

Troy's Toys strives to be your number one source for collectible die-cast toys! 

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